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Contemporary art adorns spinner!

Street art, Pop art, Toggle art, Tag, Graffiti… Spinner is interested in all the current contemporary art trends.

Our first two artist capsules

To inaugurate our first collection, we have invited two up-and-coming urban artists: Spiral and Wikylnca.

Spirale has been a fan of the world of comics and skateboarding since childhood, as well as the styles of hip hop, punk….

In 2020, the artist held a solo exhibition at the Sakura gallery in Croix Rousse, Lyon, created a fresco for the Ninkasi in Tarare, and collages in several streets of Lyon.
Spirale’s style is characterized by fantasy, the fantastic and surrealism.

Son of renowned artist Anguelidis, Wikilynca has been drawing creative monsters since childhood. Inspired by comics and video games, Wikilynca experiments with different materials (ballpoint, marker, vinylic paint), allowing plenty of improvisation. The artist’s style is distinctive, taken from “Doodle art”, a technique intertwining characters and objects.
He has done live freestyle events for a show in Paris and the Plein Champ Festival in Le Mans, and designed the poster for the 2023 Connexion festival.

Exclusive and collector tables

Owners of the collector’s editions will have the chance to play the legendary “Eight ball Deluxe” table in a customized street art version. Everything has been customized by the artists, including the table background, rails, bumpers and backbox!

Discover them in images and video.

Exclusive tokens

Our artists have customized the tokens, allowing you to play your Spinner by adding credits, just like on a bar pinball machine!