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Interview with Laurent Groussin Doctor of pincab at From Future Gaming

"We have probably created the most advanced pincab on the market".

Laurent Groussin is a versatile IT specialist who is passionate about pinball and arcade machines. He is the Technical Director at From Future Gaming.
Line of bumpers integrated into the cabinet
PC integration
SSFV2 surround system wiring

"Laurent, can you briefly describe your career?”

I discovered IT with the first personal computers, and since then I’ve never stopped working on both hardware and software. I spent many years working in cybersecurity for major public and private accounts.

“Where does your passion for arcades, and particularity pinball machines, come from?”

Like many teenagers of my generation, I discovered pinball machines in bars, and was fascinated by the battle against the machine, the animations, the sounds, the lights. My favorite was the Haunted House by Gottlieb with its 3 playfields, including one below the main playing surface.

Over the past 6 years I’ve built a dozen or so pincabs in a wide variety of configurations, until I finally came up with the “perfect” machine. I am also really interested in 3D printers, and have even designed 2 at home.

"How did you get involved in the pincab community?”

I’m a registered contributor on many forums and sites such as montetoncab, pincabpassion, VPuniverse… and I help members with all kinds of technical issues. And now with Géraud Escalier, the CEO and founder of From Future Gaming, I’m helping Lilian our developer to design a program enabling players to record their high scores (check out the site: www.highscoresystem.com)

“Why did you join the From Future Gaming team?”

Géraud got in touch with me on one of the forums. He wanted to create a really high-quality, wide-audience pincab for all those who want to enjoy the pincab experience but don’t have the technical means, skills or time to create one. And I feel that the company’s highly artistic approach to design (illustrators, street artists) makes it a beautiful object for the home, and takes it out of the rather limited context of IT fans.

“So tell us why Spinner is probably the most advanced pincab on the market?”

Absolutely all the latest technological developments are integrated into our machine, in a controlled and stable technical environment. And the systematic installation of a 4K OLED monitor together with a PC optimized to run all the software ensures near-zero latency, which is essential for a realistic immersive experience.